NVM / Narita Gonzalez Writers' Workshop

The Santa Barbara workshop, 2009
We started with a wonderful evening of readings by writer/poets Shirley Lim (UCSB), Russell Leong and Irene Soriano (both from UCLA), and Peter Bacho. They read from recent and past works - Shirley gave a glimplse of her delicate poetry, Russell, his humor, and Irene, the edgy voice of identity. This workshop had more younger participants than before, something that it hopes to gradually build up.


A Young Boy's Perspective: Lawrence Ochoa
"The best lessons of the workshop was that although you should know that there are standards and expectations for writing fiction, however, there are no universal rules to follow. The expectations for most people (critics and fans alike) is about the character, the settings, and needless to say and the most important, the storyline itself. Another lesson is that aspiring writers should know what to look for when writing fiction if you want your book, story, etc to make sense, seem interesting to the reader and most of all, is to use your imagination to the fullest when trying to create the atmosphere for the above reasons. Overall, this workshop taught me methods to perfect my writing skills so I could be a better storyteller; and so I could take on more compelling and descriptive stories. Storytelling is not really one of my special skills now, but this workshop opened my eyes that the more I practice and learn from the masters, some day my future writings would open exciting opportunities for me." (7.16.07)
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