the workshop

The NVM & Narita Writers' Workshop (NVMNG) is a non-profit organization established to honor the life and works of two remarkable persons who devoted their lives and professional careers to writing and education. Nestor Vicente Madali or simply NVM (1915-1998), a Philippine National Artist in Literature and for whom the writers' workshop is named, was first published when he was sixteen and continued writing and publishing until 1998. Only death kept him from his work and self-proclaimed mission of articulating the Filipino world through literature.  Narita (1920-2016) started as a writer as well, and spent most of her professional life as an educator. Her devotion to NVM, to his career and her four children, made for a partnership in work and life that influenced many students, colleagues, and personal friends. In honoring the NVM and Narita, the Workshop hopes to continue their good work in supporting and encouraging fiction and nonfiction writing as an expression of life and culture, beyond its communicative functions, but also as a link to each other, as Filipinos scatter throughout the globe in diaspora, so that their sources of inspiration and the purpose of culture are remembered and honored and inscribed in literature.  In doing so, The NVM & Narita Foundation support several programs to fulfill its mission:

The N.V.M. Writers' Workshop (since 2005)
Preservation and Protection of Writer's Work Archives
Digital Literacy & Storytelling for Youth
The Kalutang e-Journal of Fiction and Non-Fiction
NVM Gonzalez Centennial Celebration 2015 (Manila & San Francisco Bay Area)